Although stucco is a durable wall covering material. Small cracks should be repaired right away to avoid larger cracks in the future.

Moisture is another serious problem; stucco reacts with water, causing efflorescence, or a salt deposit on the stucco exterior. To prevent this, keep sprinklers and water sources away from the walls. Installing a rain gutter to stop water from coming in contact with the stucco will prevent most water problems. Waterproof sealant applied to stucco also prevents direct contact with water. Sealant, however, does not protect from underground water seeping moisture into the walls. This problem can be mitigated with an installation of a drainage system.

On a final note, a lasting painting job depends on good preparation, good materials, and a good painting record. Depending on the situation, an initial paint job done poorly can be irreversible, even with the best painter trying to fix the problem. Avoid this mistake with proper research, expert advice, and whenever possible, professional service.

Golden Brush Painting, wants you to protect your property, provide regular maintenance and detect problems as early as possible, with touch ups when necessary. This will ensure a long lifetime for your exterior painting.